Bon bon bonaire

Much like Ireland’s Blarney stone, London’s Piccadilly Circus, and NYC’s Time  Square, Bonaire has it’s own “well you’re here- you better go see it”. It is called 1,000 Steps. 

Kevin modeling the entrance

It is named this not because there are 1,000 steps (I’ve heard 64 -79), but because it feels like 1,000 steps on the way back. 

Kevin for scale. I did not bring a banana

Entry way into the dive

The problem wasn’t even the steps. That stoney beach is actually a bunch of dead coral pieces that roll and disperse under your feet. This entry was tough, and while a pretty enough dive, not worth the effort. 

Also there are donkeys that just kinda roam the island

After 1,000 Steps we headed to Oil Slick which was a MUCH nicer dive. I’ll post pics of underwater stuff in a later spot.

Our stray cat that has been waiting for us every evening

Save your steps for a different dive. 


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