So I’ve left out a few things…

So many good intentions…so many. I meant to post about visiting my sister in Boston, and our hike up the stony paths of Mount Monadnock.

Or from when Kevin, Jenni and I slogged through the Race For the Cure. It was hot and I took no pictures. 

So here’s a picture of my dog and her patriotic feather

But here’s what I really wanted to share with you: Bonaire. 

This place has literally hundreds of dive sights, pristine as the entire area is a marine park. 

Breakfast Companion

And I’ve already made friends with a stay calico kitty. Who knows if she will come back tonight, but she left us a lizard tail at our door this morning. Thanks, Kitty. 

We’ve only done one dive so fast, but it was beautiful. Saw a sea snake! That was a first…more photos headed your way soon!

And welcome to Bonaire!

Because it always rains when we go anywhere. Why would this be any different?


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