Lisboa, now I know ya!

October is that time of year when I start getting anxious to travel, and luckily, Lisbon is a great place to go when you have the itch. It was fast to get to (from the East Coast), economical (I would say it rivals Berlin for easy on the wallet), easy to get around, and packed with amazing things to see.

I traveled with a close friend of mine, Travis. And even though we work together, it is rare that we get to spend any amount of time just hanging out. We joked that we have to leave the country to catch up.


View from our Apartment.

Lisbon is truly the city of Seven Hills. And while this made it easy to navigate, was a literal pain in the rear anytime you wanted to go somewhere. It was a literal uphill, both ways!


This kind of cobble was on most sidewalks

This is the quick and dirty blog post, just to get back into the driver’s seat. So here are a few more pictures before I head off to work.



Well at Castilia de Regalia



Castle of the Moors


Castle Pena



My friend, Travis


Beaches of Estoril



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