North Carolina Zoo!

If you are looking for the beginning of the New Zealand pics, click here

Continuing on with my Tourist in My Own State saga, yesterday, we visited the NC Zoo in Asheboro. The NC Zoo is the world’s largest Natural Habitat Zoo.


The park is located on 2,200 acres with only 500 acres being developed into habitat, so far! And believe me, you feel every step as you wind your way through this massive set of exhibits.

The aviary has more than 3,000 tropical plants and dozens of exotic birds.

This place has something for everyone, and unsurprisingly, great for families. They are also putting in a rope course that should be finished soon- what a cool way to see the park!


Sally and Kevin on top of the Mountain Lion Rock- it had to be done!

A tram helps connect the park, so you can ride your way to North America and walk back to Africa. Or whatever floats your boat.

My favorite was Africa. I couldn’t believe how close the elephants get, and you really underestimate the size of the rhinos. They are WAY bigger than a cow…

Special thanks to my friend Sally who drove all of us! Also thanks to Kevin, and his parents Graham & Peggy, for making a fun outing. It’s totally worth the hour and a half drive from Raleigh.

Click here to learn more about the NC Zoo



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