Kia Ora, folks! We made it to New Zealand!

After what felt like forever on the plane (3 movies, 2 meals, and 700 uncomfortable sleeping positions), we finally made it to sunny Auckland!


Just as we flew into Auckland

Surprising, we weren’t feeling too badly. So we nabbed our rental car and headed out to check out the city. After breakfast at the fanciest McDonald’s ever (they have real baristas), we struck out to check out what was going on in the quay.
Impressive red iron gates and beautiful ships in the harbor greeted us at the main ferry house where we picked up tickets to visit Rangitoto Island. Rangitoto island is a 600 year old dormant volcano with incredible rock formations and views. Or so we’ve read. We’re still waiting on the ferry. ..



5 thoughts on “Kia Ora, folks! We made it to New Zealand!

    • Kevin gets texts faster for some reason, but they get through to me as well eventually. By the time we got to our room it was 1230 am your time. We’re shooting for Skype as soon as we can. But feel free to text! !!


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