Under the Sea!

Here’s a fun clip that Kevin got of a spotted moray and a scorpion fish! Moray’s open and close their mouths to breathe. A few folks thought that it was defensive posturing, but I can assure you- he was just hanging out. No plans to be attacked. The scorpion fish has amazing natural camouflage and is one of the world’s most venomous fish.

Don’t worry. Kevin took these with a goPro Hero 3+ extending stick with a red filter.

Kevin got this video of the green turtle at the end of our 1,000 Steps dive. What a great experience!


Bon bon bonaire

Much like Ireland’s Blarney stone, London’s Piccadilly Circus, and NYC’s Time  Square, Bonaire has it’s own “well you’re here- you better go see it”. It is called 1,000 Steps. 

Kevin modeling the entrance

It is named this not because there are 1,000 steps (I’ve heard 64 -79), but because it feels like 1,000 steps on the way back. 

Kevin for scale. I did not bring a banana

Entry way into the dive

The problem wasn’t even the steps. That stoney beach is actually a bunch of dead coral pieces that roll and disperse under your feet. This entry was tough, and while a pretty enough dive, not worth the effort. 

Also there are donkeys that just kinda roam the island

After 1,000 Steps we headed to Oil Slick which was a MUCH nicer dive. I’ll post pics of underwater stuff in a later spot.

Our stray cat that has been waiting for us every evening

Save your steps for a different dive. 

So I’ve left out a few things…

So many good intentions…so many. I meant to post about visiting my sister in Boston, and our hike up the stony paths of Mount Monadnock.

Or from when Kevin, Jenni and I slogged through the Race For the Cure. It was hot and I took no pictures. 

So here’s a picture of my dog and her patriotic feather

But here’s what I really wanted to share with you: Bonaire. 

This place has literally hundreds of dive sights, pristine as the entire area is a marine park. 

Breakfast Companion

And I’ve already made friends with a stay calico kitty. Who knows if she will come back tonight, but she left us a lizard tail at our door this morning. Thanks, Kitty. 

We’ve only done one dive so fast, but it was beautiful. Saw a sea snake! That was a first…more photos headed your way soon!

And welcome to Bonaire!

Because it always rains when we go anywhere. Why would this be any different?