Taylor’s Mistake: Walking outside of Christchurch

Christchurch was our last stop. And my friend Donna and her husband Gareth made sure it was a great one! After picking us up for dinner and taking us to their wonderful friend Ronnie’s house, they made plans for our last full day of Christchurch.

We started out by touring the incredible Botanical Gardens of Christchurch. I was too busy feasting with my eyes to take pictures, but it certainly has earned it’s fame. Then we went downtown to see the rebuilding of Christchurch, along with the very recent memories of the terrible quake on February 22, 2011. It was very surreal, seeing our friends in a familiar city, that was no longer familiar.

Then it was off to the outskirts to Taylor’s Mistake. This 3 hour hike was filled with breathtaking views of the bay. And, as Donna rightly put it, “where you have to take care taking in the scenery, lest you become part of it.” You could easily see where the rocks had tumbled down from the quake a week or so ago.


Some sort of blooming succulent that grew all over the hillside




That was directly beside me (see my shadow). Part of this was just sheep paths.


Gareth and Donna leading up the hill



Donna and Gareth: and that sign was NOT joking



One of the battlements put in for WWII


Looking into the inlet, toward Littleton Harbour

This was probably our most favorite hike we did. It was very challenging, but incredibly gorgeous. Not to mention a perfect day, with Gareth finding the perfect place for a pint after.

I couldn’t think of a better way to end our trip, than with such excellent hosts of Gareth, Donna, and their wonderful friend Ronnie. Thanks to you all!



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