A little bit of Milford Sound

We arrived early for our kayak & dusk walk, so we looked around the main bay to check out the sites. The ride in had been pretty impressive, with the rock face spouting forth waterfalls at every interval. Some were little streams that looked like icing traveling down the gorge, while others were large spouts, looking for the world as if it would drown anything. Not a ton of pictures from the road, simply because there was no where to stop. It was also overwhelming, the sheer height and number of the falls. Not to mention the sketch one way tunnel through the mountain, that felt like any minute Indiana Jones was going to speed past in a little mining cart…


Not long after we started kayaking through the bay, a small school of bottle nosed dolphins swam a few meters in front of us. A rare treat that far into the bay! Apparently they were fishing. A serene paddle later, we were on the track. The Milford track, that is. We were hiking up the last few meters or so of the famed Milford Track. The Milford Track typically takes 5 days to finish. I hope to do it myself, someday.

Our hike terminated at this beautiful, cold, glacier fed waterfall. What a treat! There was a long swinging bridge that went across the river so we could go to the center and take pictures. Of course, Kevin and our guide, Cullen, didn’t mind bouncing it as I tried to walk back across…



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