Abel Tasman Sea Kayaking

Let me just say, Kevin and I are NOT kayakers. We’re not good at it. And for some insane reason, I booked 3 separate times for us to kayak. This was our first one. We got the crash course in how to use the skirt, pedals for the rudder, and general ways not to kill ourselves.


And lucky us, we got to put in at the river bank, which added a good 30 minute extra paddle, since we were avoiding a large group of school girls. 


The whole point of this trip was to be able to see some seals, and possibly dolphins. 


Adele Island

This was as close as we got to the seals. 😦 We were able to see them, but you cannot see them in any of the photos- they just look like shadows on the rocks. You could definitely HEAR them. 


Then we finally cruised over to the beach where we had lunch and chilled for about 1.5 hours. We were not interested in swimming or sunbathing, so it was a pretty boring time for us.


But the rocks were pretty…





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