Update on Wow, Waitomo

In order to make things a little neater, I’m going to split this guy up into two posts. If you want the wordier versions, please look back into the archives of the same name.

After doing our Black Abyss tour in the Glow Worm Caves, we stayed at Te Tiro B&B and absolutely fell in love.


Driveway up to the cottages

This farm has been family owned for over 5 generations and covers more than 1600 acres. They have their own ponds and glow worm “grotto.”


Kevin relaxing in front of the privey


Limestone outcroppings that dot the countryside with miniature Stonehenges


Looking down the path to their pond, just beyond the trees


View from our kitchen window

We didn’t want to leave this sweet place and hope to come back some day to spend more than just one measley night.


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